Dr. Robert Lewis, MD

Dr. Bob Lewis obtained his BA degree in biochemistry from Harvard. He graduated Magna Cum Laude from Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Yale.

He and his wife Laurie,  who is also experienced in the medical field, relocated from the east coast to Los Angeles where Dr. Lewis completed a two year fellowship in Infectious Diseases, followed by two years on the faculty at UCLA as an assistant professor of medicine.
During that time he became board certified in internal medicine and infectious diseases and was elected as a Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP).  Dr. Lewis speaks fluent Spanish, having spent his youth in Mexico.

While a promising academic career beckoned, Bob's love of working with people far outweighed his interest in working in the lab and publishing articles. Consequently he went into the private practice of medicine and infectious diseases. Over the next number of years his practice grew to be the pre-eminent infectious disease practice in the South Bay Area of Los Angeles. During that time Dr. Lewis served as chief of medicine and subsequently chief of staff at one of the three local hospitals. He also served as head of the infectious disease committee at two of those hospitals.

In his retirement from medicine Bob has discovered in Monavie a company and a series of products that are second to none in helping people live healthier lives, as well as to benefit financially by "paying it forward".

Dr Lewis welcomes the opportunity to research the answer to any medical question you might have about Monavie. In many cases there may be a published study that can help answer your question. In some cases we can only speculate why some people have had a positive experience. Dr. Lewis welcomes your questions.
DISCLAIMER: By answering your questions, Dr. Lewis cannot be considered to be rendering medical attention or providing medical services. Practical considerations such as the inability to take a proper history or conduct an appropriate examination, or administer diagnostic tests, for example, precludes such a characterization of his answers to your questions. The visitor should consider Dr. Lewis' answers in the same vein as the visitor might consider answers to a radio call in show on medical issues. Furthermore, Dr. Lewis is not claiming to be a spokesman for the Jeunesse Corporation. The official corporate position on all Jeunesse products may be obtained by visiting or contacting the Juenesse Corporation directly.