Ken & Carol Porter
If you love people-and you better because this is a people business-then, you will never be fully satisfied with only your family’s success
In life, you genuinely want other people to experience what you have.

Our Vision Alliance team share the philosophy that true happiness always comes from serving others.”

Ken and Carol Porter are the highest top earners in this industry and have achieved the rank of Crown Black Diamonds.

In the context of the industry as a whole, they are ranked among the top earners and are included in the industry’s Hall of Fame.
In the late 80’s, Ken was working as a stockbroker with well over 1,000 clients. He was living a good life, but one day he went to work only to find the doors locked.

The company he worked for had gone out of business overnight. He had several clients who had achieved success in the community commerce business, (then known as multi level marketing), but Ken was too proud to ask for assistance so he contacted someone in the business and asked her to sponsor him into the company. She quit a month later and he and Carol were left to start their journey on their own.

Ken and Carol now have career earnings of over $30 million as of November of 2012, in North America, Asia and Europe. Over $2 billion in sales have flowed through their organization since 2004.

Among Ken and Carol’s group are very successful leaders such as, Gina and Steve Merrit, Todd and Angelique Hartog, Calvin and Shannon Becerra and many others.

Ken and Carol now have over 3 million distributors and customers who have enrolled in their organization.