1. Jeunesse is the #1 fastest growing DSA company in the world, averaging $120 million a month for the last 5 months in a row. This year, Jeunesse will likely become the fastest company in direct sales to hit one billion dollars in annual gross revenues (currently at $800 million with a little over two months left in this calendar year). Referral-based companies, like those in direct sales, do not come up with these kinds of numbers unless they have an absolutely stellar product that “sells itself.”

2. Jeunesse is only 6 years old and made its debut in the North American market in early 2015. There is great room for growth here in the United States. Jeunesse is open for business in over 100 countries with 30 international offices. Jeunesse has a solid foundation with a proven product (very well developed in Asia).

3. Jeunesse supplements contain patented nobel prize winning technology (2009), proven to slow down cellular aging in humans. Jeunesse products are backed up by 3rd party studies and clinical trials, supported by award-winning doctors and plastic surgeons around the globe, and have been featured in Bazaar, Cosmo, and Vogue as the leading in anti-aging
breakthrough and skincare.

4. The Jeunesse anti-aging skincare line, Luminescence, began with innovative technology that works on a cellular level .
Dr. Newman (a world renowned plastic surgeon out of Beverly Hills) sought an alternative to plastic surgery for his older patients who wanted to remove the physical appearance of aging. Luminescence skincare products by Jeunesse are proven to remove fine lines, wrinkles, and other visible effects of aging from the face and body.

5. Company research focuses on adult stem cell technology, telomere support, DNA repair, and nutrigenomics. Products are made in the USA and are exclusively formulated for Jeunesse. The #1 selling, innovative anti-aging cream, "Instantly Ageless,” works like a cinderella cream, removing lines and wrinkles in seconds. This product gives quantifiable results in 2-3 minutes and lasts 6-10 hours. A second demonstration, here.

6. In 2015, Jeunesse took home Stevie Awards (recognized by some as the Oscars of the business world) for Company of the Year and Best Company in the Health Product and Services Category among several other Stevies. The founders are Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, husband and wife. Wendy was named Woman of the Year in 2015, after having been named one of the Most Influential Women in the previous two years. Jeunesse is winner of over 18 Business Awards (6 American Business Awards) and 12 Telly Awards).
The Jeunesse scientific advisory board, chaired by Dr. Amzallag, has put together
a series of five minute videos about each of the products called Longevity TV 

For an image of the products and a short explanation on each one, click here.

For detailed, webinar-style information on the products, click here.

1. Finiti 2min video ($144.98 retail, $89.98 wholesale) (supplement) - only product in network marketing with a nutrient
that lengthens telomeres in humans, repairing and restoring the cellular destruction that takes place with aging.
(Telomeres shorten and break with age, causing cells to die and not perform proper functions. This product repairs,
restores, and strengthens cells, making them “young” again and dramatically slowing down the aging process of the
body, from the inside out.) This technology won the Nobel Prize in science and medicine in 2009. Jeunesse is the only
product in the network marketing industry with access to this product. Outside of Jeunesse, this technology is upward of
$500 for a month’s supply.

2. Instantly Ageless ($74.95 retail, $44.95 wholesale) - cinderella cream that removes fine lines, wrinkles, and baggy eyes
in 2-3 minutes and lasts 6-10 hours.

3. Luminescence ($80 average retail, $54 average wholesale) - skincare line with stem cell technology that gives lasting
results including removal of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloring, acne, baggy eyes, and other impurities in the skin from aging
and environment.

4. Reserve ($134.95 retail, $99 preferred, $83.95 wholesale)  (superfruit gel blend) - antioxidant blend with resveratrol,
acai berry, pomegranate, dark sweet cherry juice, aloe vera, and green tea extract (not the caffeine kind that goes into
tea; just pure extract), and grape seed extract.

5. AM/PM ($69.98 retail, $44.98 wholesale) (supplements) - vitamin/mineral supplement with over 70 nutrients with
DNA repair  stem cell maintenance, gene regulation complex. Both formulas are specifically different to vitalize and
rejuvenate, based on sleep cycles and the needs of the body in the morning versus before bed.

6. Zen ($59 average retail, $42 average wholesale) (supplements, amino acid supplement drink) - body balance and
weight loss by heightening metabolism without stimulant; clinically tested to prove weight loss without stimulant  
For a clear video explanation of the comp plan in an easy-to-follow cartoon format, click here

For a PDF of the comp plan in presentation style, click here.

1. The statistics in our organization average that 40 yes’s are received for every 200 informed no’s (meaning they
learned both the product and industry through some sort of sit-down presentation ).  Jeunesse has the compensation
plan that is paying out the biggest checks the industry has ever seen, with a breakthrough binary compensation plan.

2. Distributors are paid 35-45% for selling wholesale product at retail price, even if they go straight to the distributor's
website and the distributor is not involved with the purchase.

3. Distributors are paid bonuses of 10-25% for enrolling new distributors at different packages.

4. Distributors are paid leadership matching bonuses of 20% of everyone they personally sponsor. When that
distributor’s enrollee sponsors someone, that first distributor receives an additional matching bonus of 15% of that
person they did not directly sponsor. This continues for several levels of 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5%. Much more easily
understood in this 15min video.

5. Distributors are paid additional bonuses for enrolling 5 or 10 customers monthly.

6. Distributors become executives when they place 1 person on their right and 1 on their left. They become sapphire
when they acquire 12 total executives (12 people who have each placed 1 on their right and 1 on their left). Distributors
need 6 sapphire legs (6 sponsored persons who each have 12 executives) to become a diamond. Diamonds average
1million a year.

7. Here is a link to the Income Disclosure Statement.  This is a very important document to review.

There are real  people achieving these ranks.  I would be happy to connect you with three diamonds in our organization
(average of $75k per month), two double diamonds ($366k per month)  two emeralds(average of $30k per month)
and two rubies (average of $11k per month), and you can see what kind of average income these ranks achieve.  These
aren’t just mysterious people-they are terrific men and women with a dream and the drive to achieve it.

8. Distributors are paid shares of the company’s global sales by becoming a diamond and qualifying for the diamond
bonus pool.
1. It is $49 to purchase a starting kit with Jeunesse, which is basically a personalized
website URL and a package of information in both paper and digital (USB) form.

To become active, you must also purchase one of the following packages: $199, $499, $799, or $1050. Or, you may
create your own. This is not a package you will purchase monthly.

All product in these packages arrive at the wholesale price and may be sold at retail, though the company advises that at
some point distributors familiarize themselves with the product line. In Utah, your package arrives in one business day.

2. To remain active (payable) within Jeunesse, you must maintain a minimum of 60 CV in auto-ship monthly, which is
about $85 in wholesale product that you can turn around and sell at retail. No cancellation or monthly fees. If you are
inactive for 1 year, you must purchase another package of product to reactivate your account.

3. So by way of investment, you’re looking at $1100 to start, and about $85/monthly. Most importantly, you are not
investing in "blue sky."  Every dollar you invest has a corresponding product that you will receive so the risk is truly