Lance & Tracey Smith
“Like anything else, it does have its challenges… but after 25 years, we have still not met someone doing something for a living that we would rather do.

And after 25 years, we know how to help people accomplish what they may have, to that point, considered their wildest dreams.”

Lance and Tracey Smith have made this industry their careers for over 25 years and understand the Network Marketing industry as well as anyone.

By the time they were twenty three, they had secured a large six figure residual income, and by twenty seven they were multi-millionaires.
Over the next few years he and Tracey accomplished most of their financial dreams and goals and helped many of their friends, family, and partners do the same.

Recently, a top industry website listed Tracey and Lance as one of the top 50 lifetime earners in the industry. Network marketing is not a theory to the Smiths.

They know what it takes to make it grow; they know what it takes to make it last, and they also know what people do to mess it up.